Tacktick Micronet Race Master Compass


The next generation of Raymarine’s popular Micronet Series brings you the Micronet Race Master. This system comes loaded with racer friendly features and optional upgrades to create a custom tailored system for all of your racing needs.

This two-tier display can show your heading, how far you are above or below the mean course, and how much you are being headed or lifted. It will enable you to establish quickly and easily which is the favored end of the start line, and will help you sail the shortest distance to the windward mark. Downwind, you can see how far off dead downwind you are, and when you should gybe for optimal VMG.

The Race Master is a wireless device, so with no wires to run or connections to make your new race instrument can go from in the box to in the race in a matter of minutes. Included with this system is a soft black neoprene carrying case, mounting hardware and a snap-in mounting cradle.

This unit will display your compass heading, wind shifts, line bias and a race timer. However if that’s not enough you can choose to further extended the system to allow the addition of Boat Speed, Depth, Temp, Wind and GPS information as well as compatibility with the complete range of Micronet Displays. With the multitude of options that are available with the Micronet Race Master, you can create your own personalized system with ease.

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