Looking for simple ways to improve your child’s sailing experience? We put together a list of simple add-ons for the Melges X Boat. No matter the age of your boat, these upgrades make sailing more comfortable and protect the boat from wear and tear.

X Boat Tapered Mainsheet
A very popular option for your Melges X Boat, the D2 tapered Mainsheet is custom tapered by the experts at Melges. Tapered sheets reduce friction and line load making it easier to adjust your mainsail. The D2 Tapered Mainsheet is ideal for both heavy and light air sailing. Marlow D2 Club is easy on the hands, durable and lightweight.

This wind indicator gets mounted to the top of your mast. A great reference for wind and angles. Upwind tacking angles as well as downwind gybe angles can easily be checked with this popular option. You can also reference the windex for bad or disturbed-air situations as it relates to boats around you.

Melges Rudder & Tiller Bag
Whenever you are storing your X boat rudder and tiller or when you are traveling to events, this bag is a really nice feature to protect your boat’s parts. The bag is padded and allows the rudder to slide in and zip closed. The tiller sleeve accepts the tiller with extension mounted. A perfect bag for keeping your equipment clean, padded and ready for your next use.

Flotation Panel
Note that some yacht club fleets require these flotation panels for safety. The goal of the flotation panel is to aid in the elimination of your X boat turtling after capsize by keeping the mast afloat. The flotation panel easily slips over the head of your mainsail. When the sail is raised the panel is at the top of the mast. This panel is useful for all sailors and especially good if you are racing or practicing in heavy wind conditions.

Bow Protection Pad
This custom pad easily attaches to the bow area of your X boat. By adding this pad, you help to eliminate bow dings or damage while docking and sailing around other boats. Excellent for young sailors; however, it is a good option for all sailors as it keeps the bow clean whenever your X boat is around the dock. Keep your boat clean and ding free!

Full Deck Cover
The perfect cover for when your Melges X boat is mast up, boom on, and rigged, whether it be on a trailer or on a lakeside lift. This cover will protect your entire deck and cockpit area while skirting the side of your boat. Webbing is in place so that you can tie and secure the cover to your trailer or lift. High quality and a must-have if you want to keep your equipment clean and dry.

Envelope Cover
The X boat envelope cover is designed for keeping your hull and deck clean and dry while traveling or while your boat is in storage.

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